Episode 33 - Codepen, CSS Tricks and Other Nerdery with Chris Coyier

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Episode 33 - Codepen, CSS Tricks and Other Nerdery with Chris Coyier

Frontend engineering, product development and running a profitable business

Published: 2021-09-28
  • CSS
  • Front-end Development
  • Codepen
  • Development

Chris Coyier needs no introduction and it was a pleasure to have him on the show. Being a front end engineer as well we were able to chat about CSS and front end technologies, product development and running a profitable business, virtual assistants and of course getting into the nitty-gritty of Codepen. I felt like we could have talked for hours on this one but alas it has to come to an end

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Episode Transcript

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Chris Coyier
Hello. I am Chris Coyier co-founder of a social development environment. We call code pen and I’ve been writing about web design and development for a long time. CSS tricks is a kind of a blog and video site, kind of a community site around all that stuff that I’ve been running for a long time. I have a podcast myself as well called shop talk show. 

Nice. We’ll get into all that. As you’ve rightfully said, you’ve been in it for a long time. Our job here is to try and talk about some stuff that you haven’t spoken about, or they haven’t delve into within the world of development. So let’s try. Are you ready, Chris? 

Chris Coyier
Yeah. I’m so I’m so ready. It sounds like you all come from a, like a do agency work more than I have. That’s a, always a fun one to think about is I don’t, I never really lived in that world. 

Chris and I, we we’ve done agency work and we’ve run our own companies all the rest of it. So let’s just see how that goes. But, but my first question, I wanted to go, right, for the jokey though, with this one, how is CSS still relevant today? 

Chris Coyier
Well, I mean, I can take it at the surface level and that it’s relevant because there are no alternatives. It’s the only way to style things on websites. There’s not even anything gunning for it really. I mean, there is things gunning for the web as a whole, there’s a kind of an eternal battle between like, we’ll native platforms when, because certainly you can make apps for mobile devices that don’t use any web technology. They use, the proprietary tech behind those platforms. That’s an interesting battle, but if you’re talking about building something for the web, that’s literally the only language for styling things is CSS. You kind of have no choice to learn it. There’s abstractions, there’s tooling on top of it, but it all ends up in the browser as CSS. And that’s kind of cool. I lucked out in a way having a website that’s has that in the name, although, the site CSS tricks is in a sense terribly named. 

Chris Coyier
It’s not, I like to write about CSS tricks, don’t get me wrong. Like I’ve a good old CSS trick, all, get me going for sure. It’s been long since that’s all we do. It’s really just a site that just talks about building websites and the world around building websites, mostly from a front end perspective, although these days that’s, what does that even mean? The lines are getting pretty blurry in the world of what’s front end and backend and what anymore, but yeah, CSS, the language is entirely relevant. 

Yeah, I...

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