Episode 39 - Technical Agile Coaching and the Samman Method with Emily Bache

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Episode 39 - Technical Agile Coaching and the Samman Method with Emily Bache

Author, Speaker, Agile Coach, Test Driven Development advocate and Polyglot Code Chef, Emily shares with us the ingredients for technical success

Published: 2021-11-09

Emily Bache is a rare breed, a Technical, Agile Coach. She has a strong background as a software developer and has used her talents as a polyglot, and her particular passion for test-driven development, to teach and help others to write better software.

Buy Emily's book: https://amzn.to/3QsvI7H

Emily doesn't just share this information face to face, she has a Pluralsight course, a blog called 'coding is like cooking' and a few books to her name.

Emily talks to us about the coaching method she's developed, and published in her most recent book "Technical Agile Coaching with the Samman method".

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Episode Transcript

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My name is Emily Bache. I’m a technical agile coach with pro agile and I live in Sweden. 

Cool. So what exactly is pro agile? Cause I don’t think I’ve heard of that before. 

It’s the company I work for. We’re a bunch of agile coaches basically, and my focus is much more on that, the code and the developers and how to make that happen in the best way, 

Or you quite a large consultancy or a small consultancy, 

There’s like 15 of us or something, but it’s a really skilled a bunch of people. I really appreciate, cause I learned stuff about organizational coaching and process coaching and professional coaching because my colleagues are really good at those things, but really my focus is on the code and the technical side of software developments and making that effective. 

I think we’ve got relatively similar backgrounds to a degree then because one of my previous roles was working for an agile consultancy, a small one about 15 people in the UK. I tended to focus more on the technical side as well. What’s your perspective of a technical agile coach in this instance? 

Well, I kind of feel that it’s often overlooked a lot of organizations when they realize their software development needs to be more agile. They’ll focus a lot on the process in the organization and the, like the, what the teams are supposed to do in terms of meetings and how they plan work and stuff. As far as I’m concerned that the really difficult and important part is the way you write code needs to change as well. I was quite an early adopter, I guess, of things like test driven development and refactoring. I’ve always found that to be the most interesting part, really. That’s the part that I tend to focus on more. 

Did you start picking up blank test driven development and things like that and when you did, where you were aware that was part of agile at the time, I mean, how did you come into it? You come in from a developer route, is that right? 

I’ve been a software developer since 98 and I was very lucky actually in 2000 they landed on a project where somebody had heard of extreme programming and suggested that we should, you should use that. The people on my team were very much more experienced and skilled than I was. We picked up like writing unit tests quite quickly and quite easily on that project. From then on, I was hooked basically. 

Back in 2000, what’s the languages were you writing in and how extreme did extreme programming feel in 2000? Oh yeah, 

This, this was extremely well, it was,...

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