Episode 43 - Salesbeat, The Secret Sauce of Supply Chain Success with Veena Giridhar Gopal

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Episode 43 - Salesbeat, The Secret Sauce of Supply Chain Success with Veena Giridhar Gopal

Published: 2022-02-17

Today’s guest is Veena Giridhar Gopal who is the founder of Sales Beat - an AI-driven platform to model consumer buying behaviour and make recommendations of optimal stock levels for supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers.

And so we’re going to be talking about getting this business off the ground, working within an accelerator programme, finding a co-founder, pivoting business and a little about how her background travelling all around the world with Pepsi-co and Diageo which lead her to this point.

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Episode Transcript

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So, hi, I’m Veena I’m co-founder and CEO of Salesbeat. I’ve been in the retail and the fast moving consumer goods sector. Basically anything that you can buy in a supermarket for about 20 years now, starting in Subsaharan Africa, and eventually working in the UK, but for international markets, as well as direct. 


That sounds incredible. Tell us about sales beat, then that’s the platform you’ve you run you own or that you’re part of right now. 


We, I get owners, so I founded a startup along with Alex. My co-founder who’s the brains behind the actual platform. I’m the person with the industry experience and the know how on, how things work in the sector, what problem you’re solving, because I used to work very closely with salespeople strategy procurement. I’m sort of linking them all together. 


This is a, an artificial intelligence driven platform I’m reading right now, right? 


Yes. We use machine learning to be able to understand how much people want to buy of any particular product in the next four to six weeks. For example, we will tell the likes of a, a Pepsi, how much Pepsi, not diet Pepsi or any other forms of Patsy, but how much of a normal kind of Pepsi or a six pack of Pepsi people are expecting to buy in the next six weeks based on things like historical sales, of course, and then are people having parties during Christmas? What events are happening out there? Is there a music festival going on? We can also tell them things like which store the demand is going to be out of the morsels of the Tesco store in Maida Vale, or is it the Tesco store in Paddington and that thing. 


Wow, that sounds, I think that’s going to be a very interesting thing to get involved with, but this go right back to kind of, you mentioned you started sales in Africa, right? 


Well, I started my career in Africa in Botswana to be exact. Yes, 


It was that directly in sales as you arrived, or how did that kind of come around there? Cause I assume, are you’re not traditionally from Africa, right? 


No, I’m not. No. I’m actually a very boring accountant by profession and started working in Sub-Saharan Africa and consulting, working with retail in the FMCG sector as well, advising companies on things like turnarounds, financial management also help them with things like counting that was very early in my career and that thing. 


Yeah. What, so you moved into the sales side of stuff just from that or within the same company, or is...

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