Episode 17 - 4 Releases a Year to 1400 a Week with Audun F Strand

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Episode 17 - 4 Releases a Year to 1400 a Week with Audun F Strand

Microservices, Deployments and getting your way in the public sector

Published: 2021-06-08

Audun Fauchald Strand is a principal engineer at NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, which handles a third of the state budget of Norway.

Under Audun's leadership, Nav has moved from mainframes and entirely external staff to a microservices architecture and a team of a few hundred that rolls out releases a ridiculous number of times per day.

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Episode Transcript

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My name is Audun Fauchald Strand. I’m Norwegian. Of course, I think I worked in software for like 20 years now used to be a consultant, multiple places. My standard joke is a twice a consultancy company sent me to the company I work for now, but it was so bad that I quit the consultancy company both times. I started working for fin, which is the biggest website in Norway and like proper agile, proper development, culture, and everything. That’s where I kind of, I learned lots of what I think is smart now. And then I worked there for four years and then I started working for Nav the biggest government agency in Norway. Kind of been a part of a big transformation there for the last four years. 

Let’s just talk about the scale as well. Cause obviously we have a little catch up before the call. So, give me of an interpretation or give the listeners an interpretation of how big we’re talking in terms of where you are now. 

Basically it is one politician and 2006 or something said, we need to merge a few different agencies in Oso. They basically merge everything to do with health and everything to do with work into one big agency. I haven’t said this in detail, but apparently we do the same as like 20, 30 different agencies in the U S so we basically have everything Bayer for the welfare state pensions. We pay out about a third of the national budget in Norway is sped up to us and they handle everything from parenting benefits to sickness benefits, to pensions, to getting people jobs and everything. It’s basically a one stop shop for most of this stuff, except for the tax part is a separate. So we don’t take money. We just pay up front and help you, 

Which is nice. It’s sort of like the Robin hood. So just giving all the money away. That’s true. In terms of the total amount, then it’s a third of the budget. What, what sort of figure is. 

I think it’s about, and I’m struggling with, to the English American thing, 400 billion Norwegian kroner about 40 billion pounds and probably, wow. 

Wow. So 40 billion pounds. I don’t know how much that is in dollars. American listeners can do the conversion. It’s a bit of a, it’s an activity podcast for you. You can go and look that up, which is quite an incredible amount. Isn’t it really it’s a huge amount. And, and also when we were talking about the, the, the total number of users you have, which is the entirety of Norway. 

Well, at least in theory, I think all Norwegians go to get some money from now because you get all your parents, at least get to...

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